In 2012 Bonitas celebrated it’s 30th year in the business. The second largest open medical scheme in South Africa, Bonitas provides healthcare products and services of exceptional quality to a growing membership base of more than 650 000 South Africans. Bonitas has a variety of options to suit all individuals needs ranging from traditional plans to new generation plans.

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Discovery health is the largest medical scheme in South Africa. It has over R7 billion in reserves, giving Discovery Health members complete peace of mind that sufficient funds are available to pay their claims. Different plan options to cater for all individuals’ medical needs.

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Comprehensive plan
Executive plan
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Priority plan
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Smart plan

Bestmed is a non-profit, mutual medical scheme registered with the Council of Medical Schemes. Bestmed has been providing quality healthcare to the lives of South Africans since 1964. Bestmed offers 13 structured plans designed to suit every life stage and pocket with NO automatic self-payment gaps on any option.

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Medihelp, established in 1905, is the third-largest open medical scheme in South Africa – they proudly take responsibility for the healthcare needs of more than 275000 South Africans. Medihelp’s product range consists of benefit options designed to make provision for different life stages and needs.

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MedElect 2024
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The merger of Sizwe Medical Fund and Hosmed Medical Scheme brought together Sizwe’s 46 900 membership with Hosmed’s 21 000. Sizwe Hosmed is the eighth largest medical scheme in the country and now brings together a combined competitive product range, offering members a greater variety of benefit options.

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