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Protect yourself from shortfalls

Employee Benefit Programmes

We now have a product that provides private healthcare at a cost that is 60% less than the cheapest medical scheme option in the market.

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Gap Cover

A solution to cover you and your families in-hospital specialist treatment not paid in full by your medical aid.

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Car and Household Insurance

If you are not happy with your current cover let us do the leg work for you and get the best cover to suit your needs and pocket.

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About Our Services


Advice & Quotes for individuals looking for affordable coverage
Advice on suitable medical aid options for South African Immigrants or Foreign Students


Presentations to prospective corporates about market related comparisons in the industry, thus facilitating an informed choice
Managing the entire process from the time the organisation / employee decides to join up to final registration on the new scheme
Inductions for new employees
Roadshows to explain new year’s benefits to employees
Wellness days for employees
Full in-house administration service available to organisation
Addition and removal of dependants
Total co-administration service to alleviate hassle for Human Resources of companies
Reconciliation of billing statements for companies

General Services Offered

Membership or Finance queries
Benefit Comparisons
Claims resolution (problematic claims)
Assistance with chronic registration
To educate the existing and new members on products available as well as the ways they can use their medical aids to effectively look after their health and minimize yearly increases by containing costs
Empowering members to stop over-utilization and exhaustion of benefits which inevitably leads to hardship for members and their beneficiaries
Walk-In Centre for clients at our Wynberg offices