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Who we are, and what we do

Who We Are

Classique is a leading independent authorized financial services provider. In operation since 1997, we provide affordable healthcare solutions and advice to individuals and organizations that want to look after the health of their employees.

We currently have approximately 25300 families under management, covering 68500 lives, belonging to 10 different medical schemes and or insurers.

Our success in this industry is mainly due to the fact that we exist independently from medical schemes, administrators, and underwriters and have therefore always been able to offer our clients honest and unbiased advice.

With our consistent growth in the industry came the need to diversify. We now also focus on employee benefit programmes, commercial and household insurance and medical insurance products like gap cover.

Our client portfolio ranges from corporates such as Eskom, Unicity and other Cape Municipalities, The South African Post Office, PRASA, Telkom as well as Small, Medium Or Large enterprises in the Private sector and also private individuals.


Our Mission

In pursuit of our goal, we resolve to treat administrators, clients and the community with the respect and care that they deserve and provide services that is based on sound ethics at all times

Our strength lies in our people and we believe that if everyone in our business has the same vision and works towards the goal of keeping our clients happy we can only go forward.

Vision & Values

Our vision is to be the leading Healthcare and Insurance Brokerage in the Industry

We believe honesty and integrity should always form part of our business practice and instill the following core values within our organization:

• Treating everyone with respect and dignity
• Commitment
• Client Focused
• Empowering People
• Professionalism
• Listening, Caring and Helping Others
• BEE Compliant
• Embracing Diversity