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Medical Schemes

Choosing the right medical scheme for you and your loved ones is one of the most important investment decisions you can make.

There are over 60 medical schemes in South Africa and trying to find the right one on your own is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Classique Consultants have a dedicated team of financial advisers who can help simplify this process and give you options that will suit your specific healthcare needs whilst at the same time ensuring that it stays within your budget.

With the life cycle, your health circumstances change from year to year. We therefore also provide you with a free annual medical scheme review to make sure that you and your family are getting the cover that you need; that you are not over or under insured and that you cater adequately for your health needs in the coming year. Make a point to contact our offices anytime from October onwards so we can assist you with this.


To educate the existing and new members on products available as well as the ways they can use their medical schemes to effectively look after their health and minimize yearly increases by containing costs.

• Understanding your rights, your scheme benefits and what processes your medical scheme has in place
• Prescribed Minimum Benefits
• Chronic Benefits
• Waiting periods and late joiner penalties
• Accessing Medical Scheme designated services providers or network providers

Medical Scheme Administration
We have a full in house administration team to assist with all your medical aid claims and queries and we will deal with the various scheme service providers on your behalf to ensure a smooth transaction occurs between all parties.

• Changes in Membership/Updating of information
• Processing of new claims or assistance with problematic claims
• Benefit Information
• Finance / Contribution issues
• Hospital Authorisations
• Assisting with any disputes with medical schemes / administrators


Inductions - New Employees for Corporate groups
Annual Medical Scheme Roadshows
Classique Consultants is contracted to all major medical schemes in South Africa.
Contact us to discuss your medical scheme requirements, please call us now on 021 797 8885 or email:


Hospital plan only: Here you are covered for in-hospital expenses and some chronic conditions (if applicable), but are not covered for any out-of-hospital expenses (e.g. doctors, specialist, dentist visits, acute medicines).

Savings plans: These options cover you for in-hospital expenses and also include an automatic savings account. This savings account is then used to pay for any of your expenses outside of hospital. The advantage of having savings is that whatever you do not use, they carry over to the next year.

Fully Comprehensive plans: You get extensive cover for hospitalisation, chronic and day-to-day benefits & or Savings account.

Traditional plans: You are covered for expenses in hospital, specific chronic conditions and day-to-day benefits. The scheme sets rand limits for the various day-to-day benefits available for the year. These rand limits fall away at the end of the year if they are not used.

Network/Capitation plans: These options usually cater for the lower income bands. Here you pay a lower contribution but have to use providers that are on the scheme’s network.