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Employee Benefit Programmes

After much research and investigation into the medical scheme industry and particularly the medical schemes that corporate groups have on offer to their employees, we have found that even though medical aid is offered within the organisation, but due to the high cost the majority of the employees cannot afford the cover, even when the cover is subsidised.

For the low-Income employees who account for the bulk of employees within the organisation, medical scheme cover is a need that most of them cannot afford.

This brought rise to our ongoing search to find a product that can provide low-income employees with quality healthcare at a cost that they can afford.

We are proud to say that this goal has been achieved. We now have a product that provides private healthcare at a cost that is 60% less than the cheapest medical scheme option in the market.

  • Absenteeism costs South Africa approximately R12 billion per year, and it is worsened by the fact that public healthcare is in a poor state and not efficient.
  • Provide your employees with quality healthcare, whilst boosting your bottom line with a healthier, more productive worker that isn’t waiting at queues at public healthcare facilities.
  • Get reports on your employees' overall health and allow us to manage their needs accordingly.
  • Be an employer of choice, give your staff access to private hospitals and service providers at a great rate!

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