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What is gap cover?

A solution to cover you and your families' in-hospital specialist treatment not paid in full by your medical aid.

As a member of a Medical Aid you would expect your bill to be settled in full but this is not often the case.

Medical Aid Schemes only pay a specific percentage of the Scheme's Rate towards professional fees charged whilst you are hospitalised.

Leaving you, the member, with huge amounts that you have to fund yourself.

Choosing the right Gap Cover

Unfortunately in today’s healthcare environment, there can be a big difference between what doctors and specialists charge (private rates) and what medical schemes pay (medical scheme tariff). This shortfall is then usually left for the individual member to pay in and when it comes to hospitalisation this can affect your pocket quite drastically. Gap cover will be able to help you cover these shortfalls. Our consultants will assist you to choose the right type of gap cover to ensure you do not land up in this precarious situation.

There are various types of gap cover products to choose from in the market and they also differ in the way that they cover you. Some options will cover you for the private rates charged by doctors and specialists when you are admitted to hospital and other options will give you some additional cover as well like outpatient cover, emergency room cover, sub limit enhancers etc.

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Please note that you must have medical aid cover to take out gap cover.

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